Extensible Markup Language Stock Animation

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xml sidemenu 2
Vertical XML Menu
Advanced Dynamic Xml Navigation Menu (Horizontal)
Thumb Gallery 02.1 (500x520)
XML header menu
Color Lines XML Menu
XML Slideshow
XML navigation menu
Flash Header 01.3 (980x550)
Flash Text News XML
xml menu list
XML Dynamic Drop Down Menu
XML Dynamic Menu
XML Menu//Flare
Draggable XML Menu
xml stylish list
Flash Header 01.4 (980x395)
Flash Header 01.2 (770x360)
Flash Header 01.1 (770x380)
Easy xml and css based text updater
Simple & Easy Flash Photo Gallery with Thumbnails (XML)
Advanced Dynamic Xml Navigation Menu
Horizontal XML Tree Menu
Dynamic Flash Navagation
Masking Effect v.2 | 01.1 (400x200)
Simple & Easy Flash Photo Gallery (XML)
Photo Gallery 07.1 (770x600)
Dynamic Flash XML Menu
xml image and text changer
Photo slideshow with links for each image
Advertise Header 01.1 (770x350)
XML image gallery (flash)
Flash Image Gallery Medium Size (484x414px)
Advertise Header 01.2 (500x350)
Photo Gallery 08.1 (770x600)
Image slide show (XML, flash)
Photo Gallery 03.1 (770x630)
XML header menu 1
Photo Gallery 16.2 (460x530)
Flash Image Gallery - XML
Thumb Slides 01.2 (770x120)
Fullscreen Gallery and Micro Website
Top Headlines News 05.3 (770x135)
Photo Gallery 01.1 (770x600)
Photo Gallery 09.1 (770x600)
Flash Slide Menubar
Photo Gallery 09.2 (770x600)
Flash Gallery 14.1 (980x650)
drag-and-drop image gallery loading external pictures, no flash
Random XML static banner / Image library
XML based header
Photo Gallery 10.1 (770x600)
Retro Gallery 11.2 (770x650)
Flash Image Gallery (Vertical) - XML
Thumb Viewer 01.1 (250x350)
image gallery loading external pictures, no flash required!
Flash Gallery 15.1 (770x650)
Top Headlines Site 06.1 (770x550)
Flash Gallery 13.1 (770x650)
Advanced XML Gallery or Portfolio
XML News Feed
Advanced XML RSS Reader
xml dropdown menu
XML Chart with zebra effect
Advanced XML Dynamic Website Header / Gallery
XML Image gallery
Full Screen XML Photo Gallery
Simple Flash Gallery  (blur)
Image Gallery
Flash Image Gallery - Retro Circles Frame (XML powered)
Dynamic Flash xml photo gallery [300,000th approved file]
XML Image Library
XML Flash photo gallery
Multi-gallery image presentation
xml milestone Countdown Clock
Dynamic Flash Navagation
Image and Video showcase - xml
Content Slide
Random XML Quiz with Timer and Score
Easy dynamic Image scroller
Dynamic Flash Image Gallery 2
XML image gallery
Sliding XML Gallery
XML header menu 3
Top Headlines News - resizable 02.1 (300x260x485)
News Reader
Thumb Gallery 02.2 (770x520)
Advanced multi-gallery image presentation
Photo Gallery 16.1 (680x500)
XML image gallery (flash)
XML Photo Gallery
Image slide show
Top Headlines News 02.1 (300x300)
Top Headlines News 04.1 (160x600)
Top Headlines News 05.4 (300x350)
Top Headlines News 05.2 (300x600)
Photo Gallery 07.2 (980x650)
Advanced XML Interactive Slideshow I
XML Slideshow
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