Batch uploading to iStock just got a lot easier, thanks to our friends at Apple.

Aperture 3

Designed for Professional Photographers

Click here to download the iStock Aperture 3 plug-in
* This plug-in works with all previous versions of Aperture.

The best way to upload directly to iStock.

The new version of Apple's Aperture is here, and we're thrilled to announce that the best image workflow-management software on the market is now the best way to batch-upload your images to iStock. Get yourself the latest version of Aperture 3, then download the iStock plug-in.

Download the 30-day trial verison of Aperture 3 now.

Store, process, tag, and organize your images in Aperture, and then batch-upload them to iStock directly with the new plug-in. It's the perfect final step to your digital workflow. The plugin includes disambiguation and category selection, so you'll start reaching those weekly upload limits in record time.

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