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The process of removing logos, (or other dirty words in royalty-free stock), is a very easy process. You could chintz on quality, give in to pride, and just use the blur or smudge tool to smear the faulty area until unrecognizable - but this will likely lead to rejection. Spot-smearing and blurring doesn't blend, and while dodging the real problem it creates another...

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There are tried and tested tricks to give practice to your portfolio. After a typical Friday night romp you may even have the necessities lying around at your disposal. From cheap stockings to a $2 container of Vaseline, home products can be a perfect accessory to paste or smear on your lens. It's not all trend-setting, but fun for the whole family.

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It hurts. You never fathomed you'd be shut down. Yet this doesn't even compare to the rejection iStock dished out in your email the previous morning. Before you unleash the emotionalisms, let’s try to survive through this together.

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It only makes sense to exploit the exploited, fashion. Surprisingly, a category on iStock that has far to reach its peak in competition.

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There is more to the artistic flair of black and white photography than merely grayscaling your photos. It is a world of grain, contrast & lighting. We've got the cheap tricks in Photoshop to give your digital photos a new style.

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A man behind many projects, currently with a focus on Red Door Interactive. Between Spoke + Axle and he still manages to find time to work with charity organizations. What follows the interview are photos from Mama’s Kitchen, through the eyes of Abbott. They detail the employees, volunteers and clients who are the true everyday heroes. In them the volunteers smile with million-dollar hearts. The employees shake hands with the grip of a good job done. And every day comes and goes with the fullness of an empty hand.

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Designer and writer. He didn't create the style but pulled together That Wicked Worn Look for easy reference.

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Many try to set trends, but few accomplish setting standards. Jeffrey Zeldman, a web evangelist

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