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Camera Safety

Author: kcline   Category: Concepts   Views: 2776   Discuss: 24

It's a big, scary camera-wrecking world. I managed to save the camera, without a scratch or even a spec of dust. I couldn't say the same about myself, as I paid the cost of saving my camera with bumps, scrapes and bruises and a sound thump to my pride...
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Enhancing Reality: Surrealism in Photography

Author: kcline   Category: Concepts   Views: 5581   Discuss: 7

Every once in a while you come across an image that seems to bridge the gap between the lucidity of a dream-like world and the harshness of reality. These are the images that can plunge you instantly into a world where you revel in fond fantasy, get lost in their infinite mystery or are visually jolted by a horrific nightmare.
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Feast For The Eyes

Author: kcline   Category: General Articles   Views: 4631   Discuss: 22

The appetite begins with the eyes. This has been true since the abundant, overflowing exotic fruit of early still life painting, to modern culinary magazines whetting your visual appetite with delicious food. Your mouth waters and your stomach growls the instant you see either.
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Jet Setting

Author: kcline   Category: Concepts   Views: 2440   Discuss: 13

Airports are yet another hazard for the traveling photographer. Not only do you have to worry about wandering thieves in the terminal, you have to worry about disgruntled baggage handlers tossing your luggage around or rifling through it while it is out of sight. It doesn’t happen often, but don’t think that your baggage or contents are safe from theft when you check them in at the ticket counter. A good rule of thumb is to carry-on all of your photographic equipment. This way it is in your possession at all times and you can rest assured that it is not being mishandled.
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