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Digital Tutors - Using stock footage to the fullest

Author: sarahgiani   Category: General Articles   Views: 808   Discuss: 0

As trends in video change, and your clients want what they see on television, it can be difficult to achieve this high-production quality look on a limited budget. We've compiled some tips so that when a client asks for something that "pops," you can breathe easier knowing just what they mean and where to find it.
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Feast comic

Author: sarahgiani   Category: General Articles   Views: 266   Discuss: 0

Feast Comic
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Ignacio wired insights part 2

Author: sarahgiani   Category: Design   Views: 1855   Discuss: 0

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Kirby Ferguson: How to put stock video to work for you

Author: sarahgiani   Category: General Articles   Views: 713   Discuss: 0

Whether you’re a video expert or a newbie, a little advice from a pro never hurts. Kirby Ferguson breaks down how to get moving with stock video in this three part series.
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Part 4: Ignacio Q&A – On art in advertising

Author: sarahgiani   Category: Interview   Views: 644   Discuss: 0

For this installment of Inspired Wires, we decided to turn the tables on Ignacio Oreamuno, our friend and Executive Director of the Art Directors Club. Here are a handful of poignant questions that tap into his inspiration and the state of advertising and design.
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Part 5: Tech imitates art – art imitates life

Author: sarahgiani   Category: General Articles   Views: 314   Discuss: 0

In the creative communications industry, we’re constantly looking for the next big thing – the cool new platform that we can build a campaign around (or at least, try to convince our clients to let us).
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Small Business Solutions

Author: sarahgiani   Category: General Articles   Views: 3572   Discuss: 0

5 easy tips for maintaining a great website. During the current economic climate, small businesses need to be able to communicate their brand values and unique selling points successfully, and an engaging and easy-to-use website is key to this. By Rebecca Rockafellar, as seen in Dynamic Business
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