Digital Releases

Effective immediately, iStock is going to accept digital releases from the following applications:

Easy Release


Top Model Release NOTE: This application is no longer supported by the developer.

ASMP Release

Lease Me

We are happy to report that we now accept model and property releases generated electronically by approved iPhone/iPad/Android applications with one exception: we cannot accept app-generated releases from China (see below for more details).

Easy Release

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We strongly recommend that you use Easy Release. In extensive testing, Easy Release has been a joy to use and the releases it produces meet all of our requirements.

  • Model and property releases in 13 languages
  • UI in 6 lanuages
  • Runs natively on both iPhones and iPad (universal iOS app)
  • Android version available
  • Simple and easy features
  • Repeat model info can be stored as contacts to save re-entry
  • Bug-free in our tests

We strongly recommend that you do not use the custom wording features of Easy Release. Custom-worded releases will likely take longer for approval and may be rejected.


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VMRelease is acceptable, but because of how they set up their releases, you must follow certain steps for these releases to be valid.

1. Company Name Field: This application requires that you add a company name under the Profile section. If you don't, VMRelease will add [null] throughout the legal wording, potentially invalidating the release.

You can only add a company name if you a) are a company and b) have all the relevant paperwork filed with iStock HQ.

Any contributor without a company name will need to add their REAL NAME (not iStock membername) in this company name field. This means you will be entering your real name TWICE.

2. Shoot Reference Field To comply with iStock standards please add your shoot description to the 'Shoot Reference' field.

3. Client Reference Field The 'Client reference' field is compulsory. Please add a '/' here for each release.

4. Custom Logo VMRelease allows you to add a custom logo image to the top of your releases. If you don't add this however you will end up with a broken image. If you don't have a personal logo you could create a plain white graphic to fill the box. At any rate, we will accept the release with broken images or blank placeholders in this space.

5. Release Size VMRelease gives you an option to choose the JPG size when you email the release. Please use only the 'Actual Size' or 'Large' versions: we find the 'Medium' and 'Small' too small to actually read.

Top Model Release

Top Model Release is a slick piece of iPhone software that has an iPad version on the way. It supports multiple languages and sync’s across devices over iCloud. As with the other digital release apps we cannot take custom worded releases and would prefer releases without any addendums added.

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ASMP Release

The ASMP app is an iPhone/iPad only app that is quite tricky to navigate and use. It will produce a model and property release to our standards but isn't the easiest app to use. It is, however, totally free. If free is what you are after then give this app a try. Just make sure you only use the 'Getty approved' releases.

Lease Me

The Lease Me app will produce an acceptable release.

Other Applications

There are other digital model release apps out there but we find that the releases they generate differ too much from our requirements and we will not accept them at this time. We will continue to test these applications and any new release applications for suitability with our standards.


We will not accept app-generated releases from China.

We will accept a valid Chinese language release generated and signed by models outside of China.

An image with a valid model release generated outside of China can still be licensed in China.

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