Time, Freedom and a Sweet Reward
When the inspiration fairy has paid a visit and your creative team is soaring, the last thing you want to do is put the brakes on. An iStock Corporate Account means that your team can choose from 10 million royalty-free images, illustration, video and audio files. They can download what they need, when they need it. Best of all, you can keep an eye on who’s downloading what and manage their credit limits and access.

Get 30 Day Billing With Terms
How you pay is entirely up to you. You can use a company credit card, or if you’d prefer to pay via bank transfer or check, contact us, and we’ll help you set up billing terms, subject to approval. Choose your credit package and you can pay the invoice within 30 days.

Manage Access
You’re probably juggling a team of creatives, all working on multiple projects. With an iStock Corporate Account, you can set up Sub-Accounts and allocate a limited number of credits to each user. Each user gets a profile and the freedom to search and download the files they need. You’ll have total control of who spends what, but you won’t need to approve every download. That frees you up to do more important things.

Keep Tabs On What’s Going On
We’ll sort all the reporting for you. You’ll have access to a download history where you can see who’s downloaded what and when, and you can manage and adjust your credit allocations.

What Now? If you’d like to know more about iStock Corporate Accounts Call us now at 1-866-478-6251 or the International Toll Free Number 00 800 6664 6664

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