Since 2009 Oleg Voronin has been pipelining fantastic electronic tracks into the audio collection. This month we dig into the head and circuits that built contributor stonedrider's portfolio

- Q&A -

What are the experiences that helped you find your love for music?

I enjoyed electronic music since childhood, I was a big fan of The Prodigy and Chemical Brothers. Then I worked as a DJ for 3 years. This had me exploring and playing different music - from drum'n'bass to commercial dance music.

What are the biggest misconceptions surrounding the production of electronic music?

Most people think that producing electronic music is easy, but sometimes it's even harder than 'traditional' music production. There are millions of different sounds that you can make with synthesizers and each sound needs it's own processing to mix it properly. Plus sometimes you need to spend a few hours tweaking and layering to get the sound that you will be fully satisfied with. Electronic music is not just record and mix, it also includes sound design which is a skill set in itself.

What gear, plugins or software can you not live without in your work?

Powercore Character

Is like a make it sound good - magic button. I'm not a big fan of 'one knob' plugins, but this one is really nice, especially on drums and percussion. Still can't find any alternative for it.

Powercore MD3

A digital version of the famous TC Finalizer. Simply love how it works, I'm using it for mastering non dance tracks that need to sound nice and clean.

iZotope Ozone 5

For me this is the best choice for mastering dance music. Everything you need in one plugin and each element works great.

Ableton Live

My main DAW and I think its perfect for dance music production.

Name a band, producer, song or album that you feel changed music as a whole

Kraftwerk - godfathers and pioneers of electronic music. Great experimenters and awesome on stage performance. Pure synthesis, pure electronic music. I think that for that time their music was something incredible but they were able to get people to like it. I can't say I'm a big fan, but those guys changed music for sure!

If you could ask only one question of anybody (dead or alive) Who would it be and what would you ask them?

I love mysterious stories, so I would ask Nikolay Gogol why he burned the second part of "Dead Souls".

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