Creative Resources for iStockphoto Contributors — May 6, 2013

Creative Brief - Labels and Signs


Last year we announced to the world that we were accepting text files (see our previous briefs here and here). Our customers are now happy, we are happy and so we need more.

We have a clearer view of the gaps in our collections and want to give you some direction when you are searching for the next project!


  • You must have the necessary rights to any existing font that you include. Do your homework. Find out which fonts permit commercial use and which ones don't.
  • All existing fonts must be converted to outlines prior to submission.
  • Text must be interesting and useful.
  • We now accept Adobe Illustrator 10 (AI10) files

Here's what our customers have been asking for:

Option Labels and tabs
  • 1,2,3,4
  • A,B,C
  • 01,02,03
  • Option 1, Option 2, Option 3

Sale Signs
Christmas, Winter, Summer, Spring, Autumn, New Years, Thanksgiving, End of Season, Closing Down, One Day.
  • Label/tag style
  • Badge style
  • Full page Sale
  • Different % off
  • Checkout/Shopping Trolley

Paper effect labels
  • Labels for packaging – different shapes and sizes, contemporary and vintage
  • Labels for documents and business reports with a free text area
  • Labels for “guarantee” “100% guarantee” “genuine” “Best Offer” “New and Improved”

Speech bubbles
Vintage, corporate (white paper), cartoon/pop art, hand drawn, bright colours, transparent, worn and grungy.

Style trends that are influencing our customers choice of illustration:

Deadline - 31st December 2013.
Please tag your newly created illustrations with IStext2012 so our editors can see all the great stuff as it comes in.

**Brief Keywords
Many of the briefs we send in these Fuel emails contain a special keyword at the top. We include these so that we can keep track of how contributors are responding to these emails. Include these keywords on any new file you create after recieving the brief. Do not add them to existing files in your portfolio, old images you haven't got around to uploading, or images they don't fit. We will remove them from inappropriate files.

iStock Fuel is a monthly email to all iStockphoto contributors containing creative briefs on needed subject matter. Follow the links for detailed pdf briefs on our new content needs.


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