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Artist of the month: JohnnyPepperoni


David Ternyik AKA JohnnyPepperoni is a long standing contributor to iStockaudio. A well rounded writer/producer that has balanced his portfolio between great sound effects appealing stock and a strong dose of the Electronic music that drives his inspiration.

Would you give us a quick history of some of the key experiences that have brought you to this point with your music?
When I was a kid I was impressed by how music effects the mind. My father is a musican and I grew up with oldschool rock bands like The Beatles. In my teenage years electronic music styles were introduced to me by my brother. Soon after that I started to make my own music. I endeavor to make different kinds of music, I like to work in any and all styles/genres.

"My father is a musican and I grew up with oldschool rock bands like The Beatles."

You have been a member of iStockaudio since the very beginning, could you tell us a bit about how you found iStock and what drew you to sell your work online and royalty free?
My brother started to sell photos on iStock long ago and I wanted to do the same. I soon realized that I was not good enough with my photography. When iStockaudio was launched it gave me the opportunity to sell music which was closer to my skill set and abilities. I think that iStockphoto is one of the best things in my life because its gives me a sense of freedom in this world wide “prison”, if you know what I mean.

Could you tell us about your studio - What gear, software and plugins do you use? which gear software and plugins could you not live without?

FL Studio
I tried out so many DAW's but this one is the best for me. I like it so much because with this software you can achieve the most freedom of creation.

These plugins are very good especially the Fabfilter Pro-Q equalizer that I can’t live without .

This package of VSTs is worth the money you pay for it. I use this suite in my mastering process

The PSP Vintage warmer is another plugin I can’t live without.

One of the best reverb plugin suites on the market.

"Listening to a Kraftwerk track from 1981 you can hear the quality and sounds are very much ahead of their time."

With technology giving so many more people the ability to produce music would you try and read the future and tell us where music is headed?
Listening to a Kraftwerk track from 1981 you can hear the quality and sounds are very much ahead of their time. Nowadays there are a lot of producers (including myself) that are not considered professionals, sometimes cannot afford to set up a high end studio… the quality of the VST plugins vs: the real hardware equivalents are not in the same category. This situation has caused entropy in the music production industry. There are a lot of productions on the market that do not meet with the standard of quality established by producers and technique from the past. For example listening to a piece of music from Tiesto circa 2004 you can hear that it is of a lesser quality than a Kraftwerk track from 1981. But this problem brings some good side effects too, because there is an increasing number of producers - this allows the evolution of music to happen faster.

Name a band, musician, song or album that changed the way you make music.
The Prodigy – The Prodigy is a link between rock and dance music and they are making really exciting and enthusiastic tracks. Liam Howlett is a very talented producer has inspired me a lot.

If you could have a conversation with anyone who has ever lived - who would it be and what would you like to ask them?
Hmmm… Jesus…?!

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