An Inspirational Joyride

iStockaudio was built with the work and spirit of self motivated and driven audio contributors. There is a lot to be said for the willingness of audio folks who bang, whale, strum and yell away in a studio in the pursuit of new sound and music.

In early may, longstanding contributor, LLMillerMedia decided to mix things up in the forums by rallying the audio peeps into presenting any type of audio track that embodies the term "Joyride". The happening was called the Joyride Non-test. What is a Non-Test you ask? Well, maybe it is easier to define a Non-Test by what it is not: It is not a contest, It is not for those waiting for incentive to make great sound and it definitely is not for those who cannot be inspired at the drop of a hat.

As to why have a Non-Test…. Why Not?

The Non-test has simply been a great excuse to hang out, be inspired and share music within the community. There is no winner in a Non-test though one of the participants walked away with something that far outweighs the spoilings of a petty contest prize: Bragging Rights!

WaveArt has been recognized as the contributor who put forth the best example of an audio track that typified the term JoyRide, as determined by inhauscreative, a fantastic all around contributor and Inspector here at iStock.

We think highly of all the contributors that participated in this happening. We figured they deserved some time in the limelight - so we have put together this list of all the Joyride Non-Test participants, the track they submitted and links to their profiles. We also took the time to ask them 4 rapid fire questions to help get some insights into each of them:

  1. Use one word to describe the iStockaudio community
  2. Name your favorite artist, producer or group right now
  3. Name of someone you would like to spend 5 minutes talking to
  4. Number of the favorite file that you have submitted into the iStockaudio collection

Owner of Bragging Rights


A1/ Incredible

A2/ Depeche Mode

A3/ Raymond Kurzweil

A4/ 25142008

Dreams Come True (full length)


  • A1/ Talented
  • A2/ George Martin
  • A3/ Leonardo Da Vinci
  • A4/ 23476206


  • A1/ Passionate
  • A2/ Alt-J
  • A3/ My long-haired chihuahua (in human speak)
  • A4/ 25875419


  • A1/ Familiar
  • A2/ Jagga Jazzist
  • A3/ Jeff Buckley
  • A4/ 20363030


  • A1/ Positive Vibration
  • A2/ Les Siècles
  • A3/ John Cage
  • A4/ 16880342


  • A1/ Friendly
  • A2/ Explosions in the sky
  • A3/ Adrian Utley
  • A4/ 25679348


  • A1/ Matchless
  • A2/ Giulio Carmassi
  • A3/ Frank Zappa
  • A4/ 18367339


  • A1/ Liberating
  • A2/ Brian Lee White
  • A3/ Thomas DeLonge
  • A4/ 25463989


  • A1/ Unity
  • A2/ Chris Lord-Alge
  • A3/ A Genie (for three wishes)
  • A4/ 19310286


  • A1/ Frustrated
  • A2/ Arttunetech
  • A3/ Rod Temperton
  • A4/ 20487459


  • A1/ Inspiring
  • A2/ James Blake
  • A3/ Alexander the Great
  • A4/ 24117116


  • A1/ Exciting
  • A2/ Arcade Fire
  • A3/ David Byrne
  • A4/ 21936215


  • A1/ Insufficiently achieved
  • A2/ SweetWaveAudio
  • A3/ Jimi Hendrix
  • A4/ 20536613


  • A1/ KA-BOOM
  • A2/ Tenacious D
  • A3/ Nikola Tesla
  • A4/ 24580601


  • A1/ Family
  • A2/ Gaither Vocal Band
  • A3/ Tommy Emmanuel
  • A4/ 23109489


  • A1/ Informative
  • A2/ Hecq (aka Ben Lukas Boysen)
  • A3/ Dave Pensado
  • A4/ 21595914


  • A1/ Inspiring
  • A2/ Ventura Lights
  • A3/ Dad
  • A4/ 14012342


  • A1/ Epic
  • A2/ Junkyard Poets
  • A3/ Mother Teresa
  • A4/ 21107507


  • A1/ Supportive
  • A2/ Audiogate
  • A3/ President Obama
  • A4/ 11589128


  • A1/ Young
  • A2/ Noisia
  • A3/ Nikola Tesla
  • A4/ 17262903


  • A1/ Supercreative
  • A2/ The Cure
  • A3/ Pope Francis
  • A4/ 14569170


  • A1/ Amazingly Varied
  • A2/ Steven Wilson
  • A3/ Bono
  • A4/ 8446777

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