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Artist of the month: Mokhov


A member since 2011, Mokhov has delivered a tight portfolio of full length mixes that are catchy to the ears of buyers. With a true feel for current beats and styles, this portfolio plays like an 84 track album. A great balance of ethereal feel and groove that weaves between dance, lounge and soundscape.

Could you tell us about some of the experiences that brought you to music and some of the experiences you have had during your career?
Music-wise: hearing BT's "Godspeed", the tune that made me want to make music Career-wise: the first month I was able to go full-time while being a completely independent music-maker - the realization of my idea and dream.

" I think groove is the universal element of music "

Groove seems to be a very dominant part of your production. Would you talk about your process? How does a track start for you and what are some of your thoughts when building beats?
If music is a universal language, I think groove is the universal element of music. Everyone likes to dance, tap their feet, bop their head, move. You're feeling the music, not just listening to it. Knowing that there'll always be a groove, I actually start with the melodies first, and then fit a beat to it to bring out the funk.

How did iStock get on your radar?
Like I'm sure to most others: by searching for stock photos. It is the most popular stock website, after all.

" have high quality source material coming in... limit the effects to preserve that fidelity"

Could you tell us about your production set up? Gear, software, plugs. How do you use them and would you share a tip or trick that you think makes for good sound?
Laptop and Ableton Live. I work as simply as possible, not using plugins or effects when not needed, because each effect can distort or degrade the source material. All edits, drum programming, audio reversing, audio pitching up and down, and so forth done by hand. To get a good sound, I think, have high quality source material coming in, whether that's a recording, a synthesizer, or sample. And then limit the effects to preserve that fidelity. Good comes in, good comes out.

Name an album that changed music for you. What about that album was so significant for you?
Massive Attack's 'Mezzanine'. The best possible production: immediate yet subtle, head-bopping yet moody, edgy yet timeless. Add catchy songwriting that doesn't get old, and you have a complete package of an album. Even the cover is minimal and cool.

What do you see in the future for music, producers and or styles?
Career-wise: more and more opportunity to be full-time independent by keeping the process in-house. One-person band, producer, self-manager, business owner, promoter, etc. Style wise: more and more stylistic lines blurred. Musicians utilizing electronic production, electronic producers utilizing musicians, etc.

The world is ending in 5 minutes. You can be transported anywhere you want instantly. Where do you go and why?
As high up in the sky as possible for a 5 minute fall. A once in a lifetime experience, literally.

Listen to Mokhov's portfolio

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