The Collective Comic Project


 The Collective Comic Project


What’s more fun than a comic? A collaborative comic. So we asked you, the audience, to help create a crowdsourced comic masterpiece by voting on the story components. You picked the genre (sci-fi), hero (photographer), villain (vegan hipster), dilemma (creativity being sucked from people’s brains) and mandatory love interest (meter maid), and then we set off to make it.

But here’s the kicker: we didn’t just ask one of our mega-talented illustrators to draw it. We asked 10 mega-talented illustrators to draw it — one illustrator creating one page a week, building off the last page.

10 illustrators, 10 weeks, 1 incredible creative collaboration. Here’s what you made.


Artist: Skeeg (AKA Shannon Keegan)
Location: USA

I was born in a log cabin under a Jacaranda tree in Long Beach, California. Childhood was largely boring, so I stayed inside reading books and watching cartoons as much as possible. I wanted to be a writer when I grew up, but was directed to art school instead because I could draw things. I attended Rocky Mountain School of Art at a distant point in the previous century. After a year of fine education there, I declared that I was a painter and was directed away from that, too. All of my fine learning earned me a position in the sulfurous and soul-bleaching dens of advertising and corporate communications. I dreamed of escape. After paying down some of my bad karma, I made an interim escape into children's edutainment software, where, after seven years, I began to dream of escape once more. At this time I am unshackled, illustrating, designing and writing — and, as I am pleased to be precisely where I am, the dreams of escape have evaporated.

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Artist: Chih hang
Location: Australia

I grew up in the world of comic books and video games and spent most of my class time doodling on textbooks. In 2002, I received my degree in graphic design from the University of New South Wales and began to work as a graphic designer. I spent seven years working in various design positions and, during that time, I started to illustrate digitally — initially as a hobby and to cut expenses on projects. But nowadays I spend more time on my “hobby” than my design works. I create mostly stock illustrations. I love having the freedom to create and get direct response from users. iStockphoto is the perfect platform for me to explore different styles and techniques. I also do custom/commission work regularly. To date, I’ve illustrated a number of book covers, editorials and advertisements. My clients include Apple iTunes Store, IdN magazine, Cleo magazine, Reader’s Digests and few other commercial labels, including Undiz (A French underwear brand), Schick and some other editorial works.

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Artist: Doodlemachine (AKA Andre Jolicoeur)
Location: Canada

I have this thing that keeps happening, where I'm alseep and dreaming and I draw a really amazingly great picture. But then I realize I'm dreaming, so I frantically try to find a way to bring the dream picture with me to the real world when I wake up. I try emailing it to myself, but then I'm like "no, wait, this is dream email, I can't receive dream emails in my real-life inbox." I try the same thing with taking a picture on my phone, but dream phones don't come with you when you wake up either. Then I get the idea to try memorizing the drawing so I can remake it when I wake up. It's at that point I realize the drawing isn't so great after all. Actually, it kinda sucks. Then I wake up screaming.

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Artist: Soberve (AKA Diego Bervejillo)
Location: USA.

I have reinvented myself several times in my four-decades lifespan. I was a musician once, and tried a career in engineering but soon switched to industrial design and art school instead. I've worked as a set designer and prop builder, muralist, storyboard artist and traditional animation inker. My latest title of vector illustrator suits me fine for now, but who knows what'll come next? A single-panel collective-comic artist perhaps? I've been a member of the wonderful iStockphoto community since 2006.

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Artist: Borisz (AKA Boris Zaytsev)
Location: Canada.

Hi! My name is Boris Zaytsev. I'm an illustrator. I make illustrations. Duh! I'm from planet earth! I love it here with all the water and oxygen. It's the best place to live, don't you think? Well, I would live on Mars but the property tax is outrageous! I wander aimlessly and fight ninja dragons in my spare time. When I get bored doing that, I make illustrations. My hobbies include standing, sitting and lying down. I have two eyes, two ears, one nose and one mouth. I eat, sleep and breathe every day!

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Artist: Blamb (AKA Brett Lamb)
Location: Canada.

I’m an illustrator and graphic designer working in film and television in Toronto. From 2003 to 2008, I was the art director for Hot Docs, North America's largest documentary film festival. I recently completed cartoons for Virgin Radio and a series of 100 cartoons for the Royal Society for Public Health in the UK. My iStock images have appeared on the television shows How I Met Your Mother and Tosh.O.

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Artist: Niloufer (AKA Niloufer Wadia)
Location: India.

Six months ago, after waaaaay too many years in advertising, I crossed my fingers real tight and quit to concentrate on my first loves: fine art and illustration. So far it's been slow but wonderful; a little bit of iStockphoto, some painting, some illustration jobs that just appear on the wonderful internet and exploring new avenues in illustrating for kids — and generally discovering anew what I can do. This challenge comes at a wonderful time for me, and I hope I can meet all expectations!

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Artist: Jayesh Bhagat
Location: Canada.

I’m an artist based out of Toronto, where I illustrate the eccentric characters that live in my mind. I divide my days between a freelance career and as an illustration inspector for iStockphoto. I hold a visual art diploma from The Arts York Program and an interpretive illustration diploma from Sheridan College. My illustrations have been seen in numerous editorial publications, advertisements and web campaigns internationally. For more examples of my work, visit my website at

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Artist: beastfromeast
Location: UK.

My iStock name is Beastfromeast, but my real name is Iveta Cocks. I’m a qualified graphic designer now working as a freelance illustrator full time. Currently, I live in the UK, but originally I’m from Latvia.

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Artist: Jerry (AKA id-work)
Location: Hong Kong.

I've been a freelance designer and illustrator for over a decade, with a focus on vector illustrations. Adobe Illustrator is my main tool for creating stock images and custom projects, but I still like to sketch or doodle on paper before taking it to the computer. I like to listen to music while I work and relax. My favorite painter is Vincent van Gogh, and my favorite illustrator is Norman Rockwell.

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