"Fini" cd cover

By blowbackphoto

Designer: John Sigler / Creative Direction: John Sigler / Agency: Dystortia / Client: self


This is a cd cover for my vanity comedy project called "Anarchy Steering Committee" where I set spoken word satire to music. After a 3 year break, I decided to do one last album (fini is #11) and this cover is meant to symbolize the end of my musical endeavors.
Click here to view the design.


Very nice work! (5/5)

by: mind_killaz on Apr 25/07

beautiful imagery (5/5)

by: westarborstudios on Apr 20/07

Thanks for using my photo. It is interesting to see it being used. (5/5)

by: UteHil on Apr 19/07

sweet! (5/5)

by: cgearhart on Apr 19/07

nicely executed idea (5/5)

by: scarletsails on Apr 19/07



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