The Employer's Edge

By rschiera

Designer: Olga Tenyakova / Creative Direction: Olga Tenyakova / Agency: The Barber Shop Marketing / Client: The Employer's Edge


Website introducing new product of NGS insurance company.



by: rrmf13


by: narawon

too many images, just use one image at the top, very tightly cropped.

big powerful imagery is better than lots of small photos.

i know what you are trying to do, get all the different subjects in but it just makes your page busy

good design though, looks professional. it's not out of this world but it's nice. (none)

by: SG2002 on Sep 8/07

Nothing terribly wrong, but there is also nothing origional or eye-catching. And your justified text needs work. (3/5)

by: Nourison on Sep 4/07

Excellent! Very professional and insurance-y, perfect.
Thanks for using my image as well, the model will be thrilled to see it in action! (5/5)

by: kcline on Sep 1/07


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