Selling is Emotional --- Not Rational!

By Jeffpayne

Designer: Jeff Payne / Creative Direction: Create a website for great first impression and automate the sales process in the website / Agency: AscendWorks Consulting / Client: Billy Price Attorneys at Law


Not all attorneys are created equal. Our premise with our customer was that we live in an attention economy. People don't pay attention anymore. They are bombarded with messages all day and therefore sometimes miss good messages. We wanted to help our customer break through the clutter. We believe we have 3 seconds to do that. We must grab the attention in 3 seconds or our chances of gaining more attention are slim to none. The goal of the website was to do just that. Offer something of value right up front in order to gain permission to show and tell more.

The site is completely automated with systems behind the scene that enable our customer to practice law rather than focus on marketing.

We like to think of our system as a dialog with the customer. After all people don't want to be sold but they do want to buy. We first must get their permission. After that we must show that we care in order to keep their permission.
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Well done. (5/5)

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