Wild Book Cover

By stellaristock

Designer: Bill May / Agency: Wild Book Cover


The publisher wanted a cover that gave the impression of "lots to do", hence the reason it is on the busy side.

I wanted a focal point, and I think that the image of the child made a great one for the fact that it is interesting and will grab the attention of the viewers at first glance.

Images Used:


agrees with caspixel.

this is a perfect montage... a lot of movement and excitement... one of the best I've seen for kids! (5/5)

by: maria44 on Feb 21/07

Pulls you right into the fun and enthusiasm. Great montage. Captures the spirit of childrens' excitement and wide range of interests. (5/5)

by: campabella on Nov 30/06

incredibly succesfull! I would have bought this book straight away! (5/5)

by: Compiob on Jan 12/06

I think it's a great (wild) design. Especially kids will pay attention to it and become wild too ;) (5/5)

by: HTuller on Jan 11/06

Fantasitc! It definately grabbed my attention.... and I'm not a child. The images all work well together. (5/5)

by: macmahon on Dec 12/05


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