Victoria's Friends Website

By neatworksinc

Designer: Lucy / Agency: NeatWorks Inc / Client: Victoria's Friends


Client wanted a warm and inviting website for her non-profit organization that ministers to women in the adult entertainment industry (dancers), helping those who wish to start over.

The images we found helped to evoke the feeling of helplessness of some of the women, while other images reinforced the message of love and acceptance and most of all hope.
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Excellent job, the blending of colors, images and text blocks really works well. (5/5)

by: fstop123 on Sep 9/06

A Christian-themed site with a layout an atheist can love. Nice. (5/5)

by: cosmonaut on May 31/06

I really like your layout. (5/5)

by: webforan on Mar 17/06

nice job! (5/5)

by: arlokitty on Mar 13/06

Nice Job, I like the colors too. (4/5)

by: mailtobee on Mar 12/06


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