Pathway's Leadership Academy

By KyleNelson

Designer: Kyle Nelson / Client: Kansas City Kansas Community College


Created as the cover for the booklet passed out to parents of students signed up for the Leadership Academy for seventh and eighth grade students. Pathway's is a partnership between, Kansas City Kansas Community College, The University of Kansas and the local school district.

Images Used:


Considering this is a publication focusing on seventh and eighth grade students I think the typography works - it looks like a middle school yearbook cover...perfect for them. (none)

by: k7rlgina on Aug 15/06

Really like the burned look of the book. Though I also think the typography is a bit over-the-top. (3/5)

by: dc2vegas on Jul 11/06

background looks awesome but typography needs some work. (3/5)

by: willisea on Jul 7/06

Great colors and choice of files, but i'm not a fan of the typography... (4/5)

by: Nic_Taylor on Jul 7/06

i really love the background and colors, but you kind of lost it for me on the font and treatment... (3/5)

by: texasus on Jul 7/06


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