Magazine Ad for an Andalusian breeder

Designer: Carolynne Smith / Client: El Dorado Andalusians


This ad announces the debut of their young stallion for stud service. They were very happy with this ad because it incorporated the fantasy of the Spanish horse, their colors (black and gold), and movement and power. The black Andalusians are rare, so this guy is pretty special. Special props go to our own 66North (Baldur Tryggvason) for the faboulous photo of the horse. Way to go Baldur! (Poor Sabio, eh? ;))

Thank you Baldur for giving me such high quality images to work with. And thanks to the rest of the iStock photographers for helping me create very special adverstisments for my clients!


Beautiful! (5/5)

by: Somogyvari on May 11/09

Great! (5/5)

by: selensergen on Mar 14/07

Sweet! It looks way cool. Thanks for making me look good Carolynne. (5/5)

by: 66North on Mar 7/07

thanks soooo much. (5/5)

by: naphtalina on Mar 4/07

love it, as usual :-) (5/5)

by: purbles on Mar 4/07


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