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design help please!

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Comentado Thu Mar 8, 2012 11:57AM

I need help designing a 3d photo gallery for my site. I'd like 3d background images of luxury livingrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and entertainment rooms where I can display my photos on the walls as if they are part of the surroundings! I'm using wordpress for my website design. Is this possible?


Thank you in advance!
Comentado Fri Mar 16, 2012 3:24PM
Yes, it's possible. It will take expertise and work with Photoshop or an equivalent and javascript/HTML5/CSS3 to make it work, though. If you're trying to work strictly within the toolset available in the Wordpress UI, then unless you find a plug-in that you can adapt for the purpose, the answer would be to hire a developer to build you a custom theme.
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Comentado Thu May 10, 2012 11:41AM
Of course it is possible! Wordpress is a good option. But you will need other software to make customize the photos (psd). Or maybe you need a 3d software to render home interiors images. I have several renderings in my portfolio which could interest you, just to have a look. Bye!
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