Finding & Organizing Files - Frequently Asked Questions

Searching for Files

The easiest way to search for files on iStock is by typing keywords into the search bar at the top of the site. This will take you to the search results page, where you can view thumbnails and continue on to a file's detailed information page for closer evaluation.

Can't Find a File?

If your search has yielded zero results, it most likely means you're being too specific (or you're searching for something really unusual). Try removing keywords from your search, or changing some of your refinements to generate more matches.

Using Lightboxes

Lightboxes are a way of organizing your favorite files. You can create lightboxes based on specific topics or for specific projects that you're working on.

You can create new lightboxes or access existing lightboxes from your account.

You can also create lightboxes on the fly on the search results page by hovering over a file and using the "Save to lightbox" button (plus sign), or by clicking "Save to Lightbox" from the file's detailed information page.

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