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Posted Mon May 10, 2010 12:31PM
Suggestion Guidelines - IMPORTANT

If you have any ideas that might improve iStock, please post them here. Good ideas are welcomed. Please feel free to participate. We are always striving to make improvements to the system and are amazed at the creativity of our community. We appreciate all your suggestions and just want to remind you that anything you communicate to us in the forums or otherwise is free-game and you are not entitled to any compensation if we use your idea (except of course, you get an enhanced site which has great value in itself!) For more on this, you can check out the Terms of Use.

Posting guidelines

  1. Search the forum to ensure your suggestion hasn't already been made before.
  2. Use an existing thread to add your voice to, where possible.
  3. Don't bump your own thread. It will get locked.
  4. This isn't the complaint forum. Thinly veiled complaints will be deleted.

The Suggestion Forum is reviewed regularly. Not all suggestions are going to be accommodated. Even great ideas need time to come to fruition so have plenty of patience. If your found to be trolling this forum or double posting previously submitted suggestion you can expect to hear from an admin.

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