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Xnet Blog: Blank Pages while Uploading

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Posted Sat Sep 4, 2010 4:09PM
Fixed the problem,Thanks
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Posted Mon Sep 6, 2010 1:15AM
Posted By Zandebasenjis:

Delighted to find this topic. I thought I was the only person experiencing this problem so emailed Support - who tried to tell me it was only me and that my system was at fault. I have tried all their suggestions - nothing works, the situation is not improved. It just happened again. . . but at least now I know 'support' is in denial. I use Firefox mostly but tried other browsers.
Only way around the problem seems to be to upload, let the screen 'die', get back in to IS, click on upload, scroll to the bottom and 'edit' - one by one. . . Time-wasting activity.


Yes, I had this problem on and off yesterday afternoon/evening BST. Haven't uploaded for ages, so hadn't noticed this thread or I'd have noted the details asked for in the OP.
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Posted Mon Sep 6, 2010 10:34AM

For a while the upload issue seemed to be fixed. Now there are problems again:

After uploading, I get a blank page. Then I navigate to try the upload again only to find two (after only one try) unedited uploads of that same image. After I delete one and complete editing the other and hit "save", I again get a blank page, but it shows the upload when I check my uploads.

Confusing and time-consuming.
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Posted Thu Sep 16, 2010 7:33AM

It seems like the problem only appears when I type in a lot of keywords, possibly related to warnings I get if there are two many or duplicate keywords.

The ugly workaround that works fro me is to upload the images with only few keywords, submit it and then edit it to add all the relevent keywords - cumbersome, but still less time consuming than just loosing all the work every other time...
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