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Posted Thu Feb 2, 2006 8:03AM
As I said in my forum topic WE NEED CATEGORIES, we need to embrass categories and help Admin continually improve them.

For instance, it's rainy season here in California and the mushrooms are out. When I went to categorize 'mushrooms', I found it under Plantlife>Flora. The problem is that muchrooms are not flora, they have no flowers, and they are not plants (won't go into the definition of plant here). Mushrooms are fungi which is scientifically separate from both plants and animals - it is it's own group. The life sciences already have an internationally recognized categorizing system that iStock needs to incorporate in it's categories. I don't mean to say iStock should use it exclusively for the life sciences but it should be incorporated as a main part of the iStock category system.

I suspect whoever revised the categories recently isn't a scientist and doesn't use/isn't familiar with the scientific categorizing system. And, I'm sure the person(s) who set up the new categories have areas of expertize that I do not have.

I would like to suggest that iStock use Focus Groups, like Ebay and Google use, to bring in user experts to help improve the categories. iStock can find experts in nearly every field right here among iStock members. I would be willing to lend my expertize in my two main fields, science and textiles, to help improve the category tree in those two areas. A private chat room or forum could provide the means. I'd even get up at odd hours to participate in a chat with a little notice. Experts could be found for the focus groups by asking for a 100 word resume as to what makes that individual an expert and then choosing a few people from the mini resumes. Let the users help improve the categories.
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Posted Thu Feb 2, 2006 8:10AM
Your suggestion has been noted, not a bad idea at that. Please appreciate that we are addressing the catagories and hope to have something organized in the near future.

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