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Posted Sun Feb 26, 2006 6:45PM
I know, I know it's a topic that has been done ad nauseam, the difference here is that I am not bitching or whining about the search function as it is.

Currently, we have the ability to ssearch multiple words. If I want a picture of an Orange Flower I can search "orange flower" and my results pop up. I can get it as specific as I want in this fashion.

Now I know that I can also eliminate results with my search, such as let's say I want an Orange Flower but no freakin' daisies. I can search "Orange flower NOT daisy" and my results come up as specified.

I noticed a feature elsewhere that had a very cool search feature that would be a pretty cool implementation if it were put into place here. Useful for those who can't figure out the iStock search engine and the way it functions now (using AND, NOT, OR in your searches) i.e. making it more user friendly aka easy for even the dumbest stump in the forest to navigate.

Basically, there is a "main" search field.
You have the option of clicking "Match ALL" or "Match ANY" for the keywords you have entered, these basically cover needing to insert the words AND and OR into your search.
From here you can just search and get your results...
You can elaborate on your search further with a "secondary" search field.
The secondary search field is to EXCLUDE certain words. Search for the above words but NOT THESE WORDS.
This way your search is narrowed down to exactly what you want.

You want an orange flower that is not a daisy with no people in it.

Main "inclusive" Search: Orange Flower
Secondary "exclusionary" Search: Daisy People Person Man Woman Boy Girl

That way you should only get orange flowers that are not daisies without any people in the picture, and without having to type a long query of Nots, Ors and Ands.

I don't know what exactly that would entail to implement, I just thought I'd mention it here because the search feature zero'ed in on exactly what I was trying to find, without unwanted crap and without having to type in a big long query.

It really simplified the search.
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