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Vetta Video FAQ

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Posted Fri May 6, 2011 1:59PM
We are pleased to announce that the Vetta Collection is now open to our Exclusive Video contributors.

Our goal is to give more visibility and a different price point to those files that you went above and beyond the norm to create. Vetta files appear in normal searches with a special icon to indicate how they're different. Clients also have the option to filter searches specifically for Vetta files.

Opting in

To opt into the Vetta program, go to My Account (bottom left) > Preferences > My Uploads tab > Manage Collection. Here you can opt your portfolio in or out from nomination considerations for the collection.

What will be included?

Vetta is made up of exclusive vectors, raster illustrations, video, photographs, and 3D renders. 

What are we looking for?

• Rarity and Uniqueness: Files that stand out and have few peers, if any.

• Directing – Achieving believable performances and convincing environments, whether naturalistic or fantasy-based.

• Art Direction: Environments and compositions that are considered or designed, and present a strong visual impact. 

• Conceptual Strength: Thought-provoking new ideas and unique interpretations of generic concepts.

• Technical Excellence: Excellent image quality for both live action and computer generated content.

• Live Action – Lighting, exposure and camera work that are excellent, and well-suited to the concept being portrayed. Use of specialty and technically difficult production methods will be a factor.

• Animations and Composites – Technically advanced use of available tools, imaginative and beautifully integrated imagery.

Nominating Files

Legacy Files

'Legacy Files' are any video files that are currently in your iStockphoto portfolio. There are two ways that these files can be added to Vetta: You can nominate them for consideration, or they can be selected by Collection Editors for inclusion.

Nominating your own Legacy files 

Video contributors have a 'Self Nomination Limit' for your existing files, based on your iStock canister level.

To nominate your files, click on the 'Administration' link on your illustration's File Closeup page. Here you will see a 'Nominate file for Vetta Collection' link. Click on this to nominate your file. You'll also see the number of nominations you currently have left.

Please note regarding legacy files:

• This is a one-time limit – you won't get more slots next month. So choose your files carefully!

• If you have more than your set limit you'd like to nominate, please send an email to[at] We will get in touch with you. 

• We may also, at our discretion, take it upon ourselves to raise your ''Self Nominations – Legacy Files'' limit. 

• If you change your mind about one of your own Vetta nominations after it has been accepted, we reserve the right to wait up to six months before making the change. 

Inspector & Editor Nominations for Legacy Files 

Inspectors and Collection Editors may nominate some of your Legacy files if they feel they meet the criteria. These nominations do not affect your own nomination limits. You can always e-mail us at[at] if we add one of your files and you'd prefer to have it in the main collection. 

2. New Content 

Nominating your own New Content 

You also get a regular monthly limit for nominating new Vetta content.

When you're uploading a new file, just check the 'Nominate for Vetta' box on Step 3 of the upload process. Your upload will be checked for our usual technical and quality standards, and will then be sent to the Collections Editors for consideration for Vetta. 

• If you find you are using up all of your self nominations every month, you can always email us ([at] and ask about getting a higher monthly limit. And again, the Collection Editors can raise your limits at their discretion if they notice you're uploading a lot of really ''Vetta'' quality video files. 

• Again, if you change your mind about one of your own Vetta nominations  after it has been accepted, we reserve the right to wait up to six months before moving it back to the regular collection. 

Inspector & Editor Nominations for New Content

Any file meeting Vetta Collection requirements can be nominated by an iStockphoto Inspector. These nominations do not affect the number of nominations that a contributor has. 

Likewise, the Collection Editors can also nominate any new file. Again, this nomination doesn't affect the contributor's monthly limit. 

You can always e-mail us at[at] if we add one of your files and you'd prefer to have it in the main collection.
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