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In design - facing pages for saddle stitch job?

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Posted Tue May 1, 2012 6:11AM
I have an 80 page document set up with facing pages – the inside margin is less than the outer margin – how do I set the 3mm bleed?  I was told to change it to single pages and then set the bleed but then the margins and page numbers go wrong.  Help please!
Posted Tue May 1, 2012 9:50AM

You should be able to set up all your margins and bleeds when you set up your new document in the window that comes up when you go to file/new document. There you set up your margins and bleeds: top, bottom, inside and outside. There is no need to change to single pages - not sure what that's about.

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Posted Wed May 2, 2012 7:39AM

Yes, under File > Document set-up...adding .125" bleed to all sides is sufficient. Just make sure to extend any art boxes and graphics into the bleed area since your original art didn't include this. I find what's best with sending InDesign files to a printer or vendor, is exporting the file as a High Quality Print Pdf (a preset in InDesign under File > Adobe Pdf Presets). Just make sure to click on 'Marks and Bleeds' on the left hand side and to check 'Crop Marks and Bleed Marks' (or all Printer's Marks if you'd prefer to include everything) as well as Use Document Bleed settings, that way when you export InDesign will include that .125" bleed you've specified in the Document set-up dialogue box. Make sure you open the pdf you've produced to double-check that any transparencies and drop shadows you used were flattened correctly - this can sometimes cause conflicts upon pdf export. Hope this helps.

On a side you've completed your gorgeous page layout, you've got approval from the client, Prelighted and whisked it away to be inked, when BINGO the Printer drops you an email requesting your files in Printer's Spreads. What the heck am I gonna do - you think???! I can't mess with the file at this point for fear of shuffling the pages around and missing an element - god forbid I mess up a page number! Here's a tip....If you've designed your file in Reader's Spreads (that's what I do too) it can be particularily annoying. Most often I stand my ground with the Printer and insist I leave my InDesign file as Reader's Spreads. However, I always offer to create a high-res pdf - single pages using the settings recommended above. This is often a great comprimise between Designer and Printer....because the printer will often need a pdf to work with their imposition software (the software that lays out the proper print spreads several up onto a large press sheet). So hurrah-rah-rah for PDF!
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