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Suggestions for Adobe Plugin

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Posted Thu May 17, 2012 11:24AM
I just installed the Adobe Plugin, and, for the most part, really like it so far. Two suggestions that I have after working with it for a little bit:

1) When draggin/dropping comps in a photoshop file, I'd love it if the layer name is set by default to the iStock image File number. This to me is the best way to find files later when I know I want to use them. There may be another way that the plugin currently anticipates people finding files, but this feels the most natural to me. Instead of creating a layer called "Layer 9" it would be "12345678" or something similar. If it's not possible to create a layer name by default, enabling the ability to copy/paste the istock number next to the thumbnail in the plugin would be the next best thing.

2) When adding files to a lightbox, it would be useful to mimic the website in the way that it remembers the last lightbox images have been added to and automatically selects that lightbox as the default when adding the next image. When adding several files to a single lightbox, this saves the hassle of having to scroll through numerous lightboxes every single time you ad a file.

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