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Emergency Data Recovery!

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Posted Sat Jul 21, 2012 3:40PM

I have been at uni for the last 6 months and came back home, first things first, thought i would backup my Aperture 3.0 library from the external drive I keep it on, to my backup external drive. I was running low on space on the backup drive so i deleted the old aperture library from that drive, except that i got distracted and accidentally deleted my current library instead.

Since i noticed straight away, I haven't touched the drive since, and have run a recovery software which has had success in finding all the RAW/JPEG/TIFF files, (whether they will be corrupted or not is another matter) but hasn't found any of the specialized organisational files that keep the aperture data to do with folders, projects, edits, etc. The aperture library is package and what i really need is to recover that 284GB package of images and data exactly as i had it before.

I have no idea how I might go about doing this, one software i checked out seems to have a function where you can teach it new file types, does recovery sotware just search for a set of predefined file types that it already knows only? I'm really struggling here with the prospect of having to spend the next 1/2 weeks getting back to where i was this morning, figured that there might be more who have had the same problems, can anybody help????
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Posted Tue Jul 31, 2012 10:47PM

Can't help specifically, but there are many data recovery firms that could help. Since your issue is accidental deletion rather than drive failure I imagine it would not be as costly. 


I used Gillware when my drive failed - they got everything back for me.

Good luck.
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