Stick with the old or spring for the new?

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Posted Tue Jul 24, 2012 7:32PM

My youngest starts school all day in a couple weeks and I plan on building an actual portfolio instead of the meager few I have up now (they were uploaded in response to a 'friend' who said I would have a hard time getting accepted to contribute because SHE was rejected. Mature, I know!)

So, now that I'm serious and have a precious 7 or so hours of the day free, I am looking at my gear and wondering if my 7 year old old 20D is going to be enough to carry me for a while until I can get the 5D MKiii, I go down to the depths of consumer (HA!) and get the Rebel T4i, which is newer technology AND is affordable now? 

Is there a stigma with consumer models among stock contributors? Stick with the 20D or go consumer? 
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Posted Tue Jul 24, 2012 7:39PM
Majority of my portfolio is with a Rebel xti (I started ULing in late 2006, I was here earlier as a buyer). I upgraded to T2i last year or so (ha, maybe 2 years ago!) to have XXL and a bit more flexibility (video, but haven't used it) plus allow my son to use the xti.

I have never felt at odds with my camera as I've invested in lights (not a lot) as opposed to camera and lenses.

I think it will help tremendously to know what you like/intend to shoot.

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Posted Tue Jul 24, 2012 8:15PM
Thanks for the reply! I appreciate the perspective and it helped to see your portfolio using the Rebels.
For now I intend to do a lot of small object concept stuff/metaphors that I can do at home in a studio. I have lights and soft boxes and reflectors, etc. from my portrait days but I will only occasionally do model shots. Those will likely be on location with school and teen subjects since I happen to have a pretty little teen who models for food (ie...she's my daughter).  
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Posted Wed Jul 25, 2012 12:08AM
Since 2006 I've gone from Rebel to 40D to 7D. The only reason for upgrading to the 7D was the same as Dawn's - to have a little bit of extra wiggle on the output size.

It seems that the t4i (650D) is improved over the t3i (600D) mainly in the area of video. If you don't intend to take video you could save yourself the extra money.
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