Allsorts liquorice Candies Deactivated

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Posted Mon Jul 30, 2012 1:10AM
Hello there,

everyday is a new day on IS with always amazing news!!! The last one (for me): I had 3 images of allsorts liquorice candies deactivated for copyright violation, since Basset's allsorts liquorice candies are copyrighted. Ok but till I received this e-mail I even din't know who Basset's was. In fact my liquorice candies came from a non-branded pack bought in a Food Discount. The only thing I know is that these candies were produced in my Town Forli, in Italy and not by Basset's. So maybe also the producer has violated copyright but I don't think so.... There are a lot of very well known producers of similar candies like Haribo and many other unknown. I wrote to IS but the reply was useless and misunderstanding as usual. This is unacceptable one day someone from IS wakes up and decides that there is a new category of photos to deactivate or reject for copyright infringments when all the other major stock agencies accept those photos without problems.... why????

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Posted Tue Aug 7, 2012 2:10PM
I would put this in discussion or help, not here...  
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