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Posted Tue Jul 31, 2012 3:16PM

I was doing some searches on iStock for a friend's project, when it occurred to me that a few additional search filters would be really cool to have on the site:

1. "Randomize"  This would show you the results of your search in a completely random order.  No Best Match whatsoever, and no collection weighted differently, though you could still apply the normal price and collection filters.  As a buyer, this would be a great (and kind of fun) way of seeing stuff I might not ever see, especially if my search results were comprised of hundreds of pages.

2. "Middle Weighted" In my idea, this would take the files buried in the middle of my search results and push them to the top, while pushing down the top results to the middle and bottom.  Another way to see things I might miss.

3. "Least Viewed"  This would filter my results by moving the files that have had the fewest views to the top.  Again, maximizing my chances of seeing content I'd miss otherwise, but in a different way that middle weighting or outright randomizing.


Just ideas.
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