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API problem | search:language

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Posted Mon Sep 17, 2012 7:31AM


We are making search requests through the xmlrpc API at "" and experience some issues when submitting non-english text. First, the text is not entered by the user, but comes from a database of industry names, so we have no control over it.

The problem is that no results are being returned when the search contains prepositions in other languages (e.g. "und" - german for "and"). English prepositions seem to be automatically filtered out, So "and" is filtered, while "und" is not. The main search on the site appears to behave the same way, but the locale can be switched from the right-hand side (e.g. After looking at the API reference, I could not find such option for the search method. There was a language parameter only for the getSearchTagList, but that did not work. There appears to be no localized URL for API either.

This can be tested, for a example, with a search string such as "Tischler und Schreiner".


Thank you.
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Posted Sat Dec 8, 2012 10:27AM
Yes i can understand!
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