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Roll-over upload limits, G +1 button

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Posted Mon Nov 5, 2012 11:03PM
As the title of this post suggests, my ideas for improving the site are:

1. Roll-over upload limits. Say, if I don't upload anything for a couple of weeks, and then have a bunch of pictures to submit, it would be nice to have those two weeks I gave our dear inspectors a break for count to at least some degree. For example, each week a contributor doesn't upload anything would then increase his/her upload file limit by 5 (I'm just grabbing a number out of thin air). This could of course go up to a certain limit or expire after a while. Something to think about?

2. I'm rather surprised that there is still no G +1 button for sharing files on Google Plus. Of course, the Facebook button still has to be fixed as well (it's been broken for at least 4 months).

3. Just thought of one more: there should be a better way to share audio and video files on social media - right now if I share either of those on Facebook, for example, it will not let users play those clips straight off of Facebook - they have to click to go see the file page in order to play it. There's gotta be a better way.

Thanks in advance for considering the above suggestions.

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