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PTOTW - Scouted

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Posted Tue Dec 18, 2012 3:58PM
Wow, another difficult PTOTW subject. I don't save Scout replies, and most don't turn out favorably anyway, but I did remember this one. I don't recall the rejection reason, but I told Scout I thought it'd be a good seller because it showed clearly what the subject matter was unlike many downed-powerline photos that look like a mess of wires and branches. I'd say I was right, and Scout must have agreed: it has been downloaded four times in its short 53-view lifetime so so far I'm happy.


ETA: I would have composed it against the road making it even clearer, but a cop was literally yelling at me to get back (I was safe and the power was off so he was being kind of a jerk). Moreover, I felt I deserved the shot since my house sustained some fair damage as a result of this occurrence.

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