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fitness images needed

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Posted Mon Dec 17, 2012 9:06AM
/Deadline: Jan.10

Requesting images that illustrate the following:

1. A treadmill is a quiet machine.  Ie.  A baby (infant) sleeping while mom is running on the treadmill. -needs to be a high end looking treadmill such as "life fitness, vision fitness"

-in a home setting, horizontal image, mom on one side, baby on the other
-babies face to camera showing its sleeping comfortably, maybe in a swing or bassinet
-fit mom (25-35y old) running on treadmill, side profile, in work out shorts and sports tank (black shorts, red or orange top)
- lots of white space for text (no busy backgrounds), light background, horizontal image

2. A treadmill can be loud.  ie. someone wearing headphones while a person is working out on a treadmill. 

-fit mom working out on a treadmill like above
- son or daughter (teenager) sitting on the couch with headphones on looking annoyed because the treadmill is too loud
Landscape shot, mom on one side and teenager on other

3. An image to go with the following line "Hear yourself sweat"

-fit male sweating after a work out.  Close up face shot, sweat clearly showing, dripping off chin, eyes closed, expression: tired but rejuvinated, background dark, moody, lighting strong shadows and highlights, white short towel roll around his neck. Landscape shot with subject off to one side.

4. Image with a sales rep sitting on a tire on far left or right, white background, black pants, black golf shirt. male between 35-55.  clean cut, short hair in lean shape, Pleasant expression, looking at the camera, tire needs to be clearly visible, maybe on a slight angle towards the camera. Landscape shot, bright lighting

5.  Male (35-55) trying to put an exercise machine together.  kneeling on the floor with tools around him, such as hammer, wrench, screwdrivers, screws spread everywhere.  I look of frustration, about to give up.  Machine need to be somewhat assembled so its looks like a work out machine, but that is missing pieces.  white background. Clothes casual but neat, ie golf shirt, kacky pants. Landscape shot

6.  sales person helping customer buy workout equipment, in a fitness store setting.  Customer (male or femaie, or both)35-55 year old trying the equipment, Sales rep talking to customer.  Sales rep (35-55) black golf shirt and black pants and shoes.  customer casual but neat clothing.  Other equipment in the background blurred slighting to put focus on the front most machine.  Landscape shot, light background, bright lighting. 

7. a man (35-55) pushing a large cardboard box.  Box should be a few feet taller the the man.  Male should be straining, having a hard time pushing this very heavy box.  White background, Casual but neat clothes.  Landscape shot

8.  a man (35-55) shivering in the cold.  close-up shot of face, wearing a hat, blowing into his hands,steam coming out of his mouth, snowy light background. Landscape shot

Thank you

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Posted Mon Dec 17, 2012 9:54AM
hi there - do you have a deadline? If you could take a moment to read the sticky at the top of the forum, it offers some ideas you can pull from to narrow down what you're looking for, i.e. the runner - male/female? age? ethnicity? someone in shape or does it matter?

if you can answer a few of these questions, our contributors can offer up more appropriate work for you

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