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iStock Talent Pool

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Posted Sun Dec 23, 2012 10:42PM

my post in the BM thread just made me think further.
What about creating an iStock Talent Pool.

In the above mentioned post I was talking about tutorial videos for new customers that help them get started (show them the price slider, how it works, how to pay, put images into lightboxes,... you get the idea).

There is an incredible number of creative contributors here on iStock that I´m sure would be more than willing to help iStock to create these kind of gimmicks and get better and better. No matter if video, audio, designer, photo, illustrator, usability,... whatever needs there might ever be, I´m sure there are some great specialists among istock contributors.
Since it´s in our very own interest (especially as exclusives) to see iStock live up to its best, I think many of us are more than willing to contribute whatever is needed to increase sales. You could for example make competitions for marketing ideas. The best idea will be awarded - and perhaps get a year, month, week, day, hour double royalties. Heck, since my income is directly related to iStock thriving, I for one would even contribute 4free if there is anything of my creative part that would help bring in more customers and sales.
From the ideas gathered you could outsource some again to the community (aka istock talent pool).
Joining the talent pool would be an option available under your settings. And as soon as there is anything that is needed, a newsletter goes out to the pool describing what is needed and announcing a "challenge".
This might also bring back some of the old spirit people are missing (me not so much, I´m here for business rather than for the spirit, but hey if it brings some money,...) and gives us the feeling that we are in it together.

That´s it - what do you think?
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Posted Wed Dec 26, 2012 10:18AM
Interesting proposal.  There are already some contributors that have self help video's on their personal sites.
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