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YIKES: Bit Rate from Sony NEX-5N OK for Stock footage?

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Posted Sun Jan 6, 2013 1:50PM
I bought a Sony NEX-5R for an upcoming backpacking trip through SE Asia, but dreaded bringing my Canon 60D gear with me.  After doing 20 hours of research, I didn't realize later that the camera's internal compression bit rate is only about half of the bit rate of the 60D -- 20 to 24mb/s.

Question: Is this bitrate good enough for most stock footage places to take?  I know I have to unwrap it to ProRes and then spit it out as JPEG quality or something, and I'm not asking about lens quality, aspect ratio, or anything. 

<b>Is this camera's bit rate acceptable as a starting point, or do I have to buy a Ninja to record straight to ProRes or bring my 60D?</b>


Ninja link:
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