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genral site improvement

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Posted Mon Jan 7, 2013 9:03PM
/In my humble opinion we should all (Exclusives) be able to opt in/out to having our images accepted at Getty (Vetta/Agency), by using Getty standards of submission. For example, submit an image to Istock, and if you are opted in to Getty (Vetta/Agency) then the image goes to Getty and is removed from the Istock site completely and/or is available here as a (Vetta/Agency) and available under a completely different search option that needs to be selected. if the image is not accepted as Vetta then it remains in Istock at regular pricing (which should be lowered a bit), allow the contributor if he/she chooses to elect it as a premium photo for a slightly higher price point that is not transferable to Getty.This will keep Istock competitive within the microstock market.

Make all Exclusive and Non-exclusive pricing the same with prefrence given to exclusive photographers in the BM.

Make the microstock price point the default search for BM with no Vetta/Agency or editorial images showing up in the BM. Lose the slider completely. When the buyer comes here, they will search and get only micorstock pricing based on a default search. If they want Vetta/Agency or even editorial, they can choose this as an option and do a new search with the BM showing only Vetta/Agency or editorial only.

The current slider scale is very confusing. I would suggest you have options to choose from such as..

Standard Istock (default search) which is microsock pricing.

Deluxe Istock (choose the option) which is Vetta pricing

Premium Istock (choose the option) which is Agency pricing

Editorial Istock (choose the optioin) which is only Editorial.

Regardless of which option you searching are on, you will find only those types of images in the BM, and you will always be happy with the price point mainly becuase you have not been willfully mislead about the pricing beforehand. Maybe even have a moving/flickering icon beside Deluxe or Premium to draw attention to them, but definitely keep the default on Standard and keep the main focus of Istock as a microstock site, a site that give you Premium options if you choose.

I think you need to keep every type of buyer happy from the blogger to the corporate guy. By scaring away the blogger type of buyer or budget minded consumer you are throwing away future potential buyers who will be the next potential AD, Photo Editor, Graphic Designer etc. You have to remember, todays bloggers (kids) are tomorrows buyers in the real world, and if you have pushed them away at an early stage due to pricing, then their buying habits will be already formed and they will shop where they know.

Makes sense to me and I'd bet it would keep buyers coming back for more in addition it would keep the contributors happy too.

It's time to turn Istock around. 

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