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Could you help me, please?

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Posted Wed Jan 23, 2013 1:28PM
Hi there,

It seems to be difficult for me to find the right keywords for this picture.


In 6 weeks (yes I know, the quiet season) it's been viewed only twice. I thought this deserves better.
Maybe it's my English - I'm Dutch and not a native speaker.

I've added :
Snow, Woods, Female Deer, Animals In The Wild, Fur, Tree, Netherlands,Vertical, Looking At Camera, Outdoors, Deer, Animal, Sunbeam, Winter,Season, Forest, Frost, Blizzard, In Nature, Wildlife, Brown, White, Shy,One Animal, Beauty In Nature, Copy Space, Silence, Doe, Non-Urban Scene, Wilderness Area, Roe Deer, Alertness, Tranquil Scene, Purity,Solitude, Loneliness, Freshness, Awe, Cold, Scenics, Beautiful.

I would very much appreciate your opinion on the keywords.


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Posted Wed Jan 23, 2013 6:54PM

Well, I don't think your keywords are causing any trouble, everything has been totally messed up for some time and newer images are not showing up on searches. Many contributors have stopped submitting until the Best Match search routine gets "enhanced" back to where it was last September. Now, from what I understand I would drop things like Fur ( fur would typically be a coat or a pelt maybe), Animals in the Wild is said to be spam and not used as a search term ( just saying ), same goes for Beauty in Nature, if you have winter you don't need season, there is no blizzard and no one submits an image that isn't beautiful. Also Copy Space is a stretch. Female Deer and Doe are synonyms in the CV. DeepMeta will help eliminate non-unique keywords and you can't beat the price

I might try to add dapple light and shadows. I would also add the geographic location and place names, country,state/province, city etc.... Some folks look for specific locales.


Nice picture though, wish it were mine

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Posted Wed Jan 23, 2013 10:45PM
@Joesboy Thank you very much! I learn a lot from your explication about words like 'fur'.
The word 'dapple' is new to me, but I found the meaning in my faithfull (so much used) dictionary. Did not know that doe and female deer were synonyms as well.
I will await possible other reactions and then change all at once. 
Only hesistating on leaving 'copy space'. It seems that editors really use that and I can imagine the season's greetings already coming up in the left down corner...
Yes, a very lucky shot, rather far away (that's why it's a relative small crop). The doe was so much helpful to wait a second in that sunbeam...
Thanks again smile 
PS Browsing through your portfolio is a beautiful compact journey around the world. 

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Posted Thu Jan 24, 2013 2:19AM
Very nice photo, I have added it to my Nature greetings for Christmas lightbox.

As Joesboy has said, if you don't use DeepMeta to organise your iStock portfolio you might consider it. Have a look in the Tools forum. Add your keywords and press the Optimisation button to get rid of synonyms.

I might amend your list to the following:

Snow, Woods, Female Deer, Animals In The Wild, Netherlands, Vertical, Looking At Camera, Outdoors, Deer, Animal, Sunbeam, Winter, Season, Forest, Nature, Wildlife, White, Shy, One Animal, Beauty In Nature, Silence, Non-Urban Scene, Wilderness Area, Roe Deer, Alertness, Tranquil Scene, Purity, Solitude, Loneliness, Freshness, Awe, Cold, Scenics, Beauty in Nature

I don't mind the repetition of winter and season. There is no knowing what iStock uses these keywords for internally, so I would use both.

Basically, there is nothing wrong with your keywords. There is everything wrong with iStock's current method of counting views, which has no relationship to the number of people looking at your image pages.

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Posted Thu Jan 24, 2013 8:36AM

With regards to the keywords, I second what Roger said. 

Animals in the Wild is only a spam term when the animal is quite obviously not in the wild aka in a zoo, forestry farm, etc. Beauty in Nature is fine here. 

Please keep BM discussion to the dedicated BM thread in the Discussion forum. This is the KW forum. 
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Posted Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:58PM
@whiteway Thank you, for the compliment and adding the picture to your lightbox. And thanks for your great help! I do use Metadata, but only for linking photos together. So i'll expand that use to Optimisation at least. Did not know that service was built in. I'll read the tools now!  

And: I see you don't use the 'copy space' as well...

@ducksandwich Thank you for your explanation! I'll leave the BM discussion here for what it is... But I'm glad to read that it may be a counting problem only.

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