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Is the Statue of Liberty allowed?

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Posted Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:12AM
My illustration of the Statue of Liberty was sent to the executive cue (sp?). Now it will take weeks before I find out if it can be accepted. I have a lot of art that uses this statue and i don't know whether to keep working on it. Before I did the illustration I looked in the technical wikki and it said the Statue of liberty was allowed and it was in the public domain. Why do you think they sent it to the executive cue?  I didn't use anyones photograph. I went to the statue of liberty andI did an original sketch and I put a note about that to the inspector. is this not acceptable? Are they saying its OK to photograph it but not to sketch it?
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Posted Thu Jan 24, 2013 9:04AM

IMHO, I have no clue, but maybe I say maybe by drawing the statue you are modifing the original design, art work or whatever that giant block of stonery is called   (no disrespect intended) and by doing so without replicating exactly how it stands or presents itself, you are infringing the original work which as a public domain can be photograph as is but not modified in its appearance ??????? I do not know


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