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iStock Editorial - Deconstructed

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Posted Sat Mar 16, 2013 11:17AM
Posted By argiope:
I have only sent in one editorial image which was rejected for dust spots. Subman says here that we aren't allowed to clone these out yet I got a messsage from the inspector that once this was taken care of I could resubmit it. If I did take care of it I would have to clone them out but this isn't allowed. I wonder if all our minders are on the same wavelength.

Removing dust spots that was on your lens, you can remove, that is what the rejection was for. Like Slobo and Graeme pointed out, removing dust spots are allowed.

The piece you qouted me on here is about things on a product, removing scrathes, reflections, screens, buttons etc.

I would suggest to open a scout ticket or you can drop me a sitemail if you have direct queries, this thread is not for answering rejection queries.

I will suggest reading the manual, the updated manual and also the stickies in the Editorial forum to get a total understanding of the product.
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Posted Thu Apr 25, 2013 7:59PM

Do you shoot and upload editorial content to iStock? If yes, why?

It is honest. there is a ethical problem i have with asking people to pose to endorse any product in any market. Editorial is about telling stories not making happy shinny people for moving units (hspfmu).


If not, why? How prolific are you with uploading editorial vs creative?

I have uploaded some editorial but find the process frustrating as many of your appovers are basing their judgement on hspfmu rather then story and emotions. 


Do you set-out to specifically shoot editorial or are your editorial images happy accidents that you capture in your random travels?

my work appears in magazine all over the world. my photography is editioral in nature.


How do you feel about the current content guidelines? Are they too restrictive?

if Robert Capas photographs of D-Day landing and Soldier Spanish Civil War came into your system they would be rejected! yet they are amoung the most reproduced editorial images of all time. you need to think long and hard about what is good editorial compared to hspfmu, some times it includes hsp but not always... sometimes it needs to be technically great but it needs to be emotive all the time.

Now that iStock is accepting images produced on mobile devices, are you taking advantage of this?

no, you reject my work on a 20mpx camera why would i add to my time wasting with a mobile camera?

Would you be more inclined to upload editorial content if there was a streamlined mobile app to submit it to iStock?

i would be more inclined if you accepted more, you rejected work that has been published by major magazines! for reasons you never quite spell out in more then the most broad ways...

Have you read or shot content related to one of the editorial creative briefs?

no. i live in china there are stories i find every day, that you are not interested in unless i bring in lights and put my camera on a tripod. 

Do you feel there needs to be more direction on shooting editorial content?

no you need people who are picture editors from magazines making the call of what gets in and what gets rejected. 

More detailed and frequent briefs?


How do feel about the Editorial homepage?

so so... 

The search results?

need much more work.

btw you have bugger all stock of china, past tourist photos and hong kong

Further the % you are now paying makes it questionable whether i should put stock up at all, it takes a lot of time to meet your requirements for 17% of the low prices you sell for. you want good work and a feeder to Getty you have to make it worthwhile. you need a seperate team to do editorial, iStock is so camera club in many ways... i was hoping editorial would be differnt. 
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