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Custom hand drawn illustration

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Posted Tue Feb 12, 2013 3:30PM
I'm a graphic designer from the City of Richmond, British Columbia CANADA, working for the local government.

We are starting a public process re: the development of a large former agricultural / open space area to City park space and we love the illustrations by [removed by pink]. There are a number of agricultural line-drawings that we will be purchasing from [removed by pink] iStock portfolio, but we were also looking at filling in some gaps in content for our communication plan and are interested in custom illustration in this same style.

Illustrations we will be purchasing include: [removed by pink]

We are also looking for illustrations in the SAME STYLE that include: a horse, horseback riding, gardening, trail paths, man walking on boardwalk, agriculture - farming, hiking, culinary arts, fishing, fish farm, concept IDEA or IMAGINE
If this is possible and if any contributors are able to assist in this, please let me know ASAP since we have a very defined deadline for artwork and would need to get started very soon. Deadline is February 28.

I can be reached at this account, or by direct email to: [removed by pink]

Christina Lazar-Schuler
City of Richmond BC

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Posted Wed Feb 13, 2013 5:33PM
hi Christina - I appreciate your post but we don't want to encourage contributors to copy other members' work in our forums. I completely understand that you didn't intend to be asking in that way but by allowing your request, we are condoning copying. If the illustration style you were requesting wasn't so very specific and we could look at it as it being only about the line weight, sketchy pencil effect, color palette, "painted" effects, etc. we may consider it okay.

We had a restriction in our guidelines in this forum along a similar line but it referred to not allowing other stock sites' examples. I've edited the guidelines just now to include members from this site as well.

The best suggestion I have is for you to sitemail the member you had in your OP (I've used some of his/her work before too! such an awesome style) and make arrangements directly. I've sent you a sitemail with the details I've removed from your post so you may easily refer to them.

thank you for understanding!
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