Keyword Crystal Clear? No way!

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Posted Thu Feb 21, 2013 8:42AM

For Crystal, there is no definition for cryatal clear. How many of us have crystal in theirs hands to shoot as prop? Many refer to crystal clear in real life. There are tons of things like that need to be updated in iStock keyword system, and need to be automated in the keyword system. Checking one by one manually when uploading is very inefficient, not to mention many of those "not available". In general, very outdated system. Again, the IT department is not helping here. IT,IT, IT, IT... A reform to IT dept will fix many of the bugs and refresh the site and bring back the buyers. 

Pay some high Dollar, get the best IT personel in the world, and I believe there are tons of them waiting for the job if you offer, if you want to make a change.
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