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Enough with the 18 months restriction

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Posted Sat Feb 23, 2013 6:51AM

Given that new work has been getting a beating for many months now, and that there was an official anouncement that nothing radical will be done to change the situation, I find myself putting more and more new work directly into the PP thinking they'll make more there, or at least have a chance to sell properly over there.

Now what I don't understand is this: after so many years and concerted marketing efforts to differentiate the clientele of each site, how come the 18 months rule hasn't been lifted? Surely by now concerned people know that there is no self-cannibalisation going on...

I love sending files to Getty through E+ and the premium collection. They stay on IS and benefit from the extra exposure. Why I can't do the same through PP is baffling.

You want to keep new files exclusive to IS for a while? Then why not lower the restriction to one month - that's currently the shelf life of new files anyway. After that, it's pretty clear which files have a slight chance at growing and which have been lost in the shuffle and will only get marginal attention at IS from now on.

It seems to me that it would be motivating, for the sake of keeping production going, to at least have this outlet to make some money while things turn around without having to remove the files from IS and miss on those marginal sales... So How about it?

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