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Social Discussion Guidelines

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Posted Mon Feb 25, 2013 10:30AM
Welcome to the Social Discussion Forum!

What is allowed to be posted and discussed:
  • Ideas, questions, help unrelated to stock industry
  • General “water cooler” discussions
  • Motivational threads
  • Brainstorming/Idea starter threads
  • Social group threads on various topics (ongoing)
  • Community competitions and challenges

What is not allowed to be posted as a new thread (we have others to fulfill your needs):
  • Personal iStock milestones - use Wooyays! thread in the Social Discussion
  • iStock site suggestions - use Suggestions forum
  • Meetups or get togethers - use Minilypses or Meetups
  • Pimping files - use Weekly Showcase thread in the Social Discussion (link changes weekly, see more below)
  • Personal iStock stats/sales - use the Monthly Sales thread in the Social Discussion (link changes monthly, see more below)
  • Help with gear or tools of the trade for any iStock media-related need - use the specific forums in the Collections section

Special threads within the Social Discussion forum

Weekly Showcase
Each week on Wednesdays, moderators start a new thread based on a theme which are provided by members. We’d like your input on theme ideas! To share a theme, fill out this form. Share as many theme ideas as you like, one idea per entry.

Unless noted otherwise, contributors of all media are invited to post up to three files that go along with the theme each week. Since Google search indexes the forums quickly it’s a good idea to include a little brief detail along with each of your images and viewers appreciate that little extra bit of information. At the end of the week, the thread is locked and moved to the Lightbox forum.

Please note, a Moderator will edit your post down to the first three files if you post more than three and it wasn't noted to allow more in the OP.

Media Mashup
Moderators start this weekly challenge for Audio and Video contributors. The focus rotates between the two every other week. The theme is often similar to the Weekly Showcase. When it’s Video contributors’ turn to start, videographers share one file per post and Audio contributors quote the your post with audio that goes with the video but the audio doesn’t necessarily have to fit the theme. When it’s Audio’s turn to start, it’s just the opposite. Participants may post as many times in this thread as they like.

Video artists: post the thumbnail image for your video. Audio artists: post a written text link(you can be descriptive) rather than the thumbnail icon image. We find that Google search indexes the forums quickly so it’s a good idea to include a little brief detail along with each of your images.

At the end of the week, the thread is locked and moved to the Lightbox forum.

This ongoing thread is for you to celebrate your iStock-related milestones. Share your first download, your first payout, your 2,500th download, that you just got your royalties bumped up, your best photo ever, whatever you like. This is not a discussion thread, but members are welcome to congratulate you on your success!

Monthly Sales Threads
Contributors are allowed to start one sales discussion thread on the first day of the month for sales that happened during the previous month. Only one thread like this is allowed at any time. No other stats may be discussed on site outside of social groups who allow sales to be shared within their thread. The thread should be titled “Month, Year Sales”. Example, on February 1, midnight or later: January 2013 Sales.

Within the stats thread, contributors post their sales percentage increase/decrease. You may post as much detail as you like. Often members compare a previous month and/or a previous year of the same month. Although the thread is open for the full month, you are only allowed to post data for the previous month. So in the example above for January, if we’re two weeks into February, it is not acceptable to comment on recent February sales.

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