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Portfolio review request.

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Posted Sat Mar 2, 2013 9:02PM
Hello everyone, I hit my payout a few months ago but I want to hold my payout until I hit a 1000$. What could my portfolio use as my downloads are little but what is downloaded are always Full size files.


Should I continue my slower but quality uploads or ditch some quality for speedy productions?

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Posted Sun Mar 3, 2013 9:56AM
Hi Ramon,

It seems that you are actually asking for a portfolio review, as such I've retitled your thread and moved it to the photography forum, which is the right place for photo contributors to ask for portfolio reviews.

Your question is a little difficult to answer as if we all knew the easy way to increase sales, we'd be doing it, and probably not telling everyone else how to do it. So, easy answers aside, I'd say you should just keep on doing the basics. Upload technically competent images of commercially appealing subjects and keyword them accurately.

Here is some general guidance I've sent to people in the past, maybe it will help:

iStock now has nearly 11 million files, which makes it hard to offer anything really unique. There is a LOT of competition these days.

If you are looking to increase sales, then I would probably advise against shooting what everyone else has shot. And while everyone loves a pretty landscape, they are unlikely to help you make your fortune here.

There are a few of tips that I would offer to increase sales:

First: As far as photography goes, the most important thing is access. Pretty much anyone here can take a decent photo, but not everyone has access to the cool places that you might have access to. So, as an engineer, you may have access to cool warehouses, building sites, offices etc that many people do not. As a chef or a teacher, you may have access to a cool kitchen or kitted out classroom. Basically, make use of where you have access to that others don't. Having access to interesting or unique locations can allow you to provide new and interesting content that the rest of your competitors cannot.

Second: Photograph people. Most of our work is used in advertising to transmit a positive message about a product or concept. One of the easiest ways advertisers can do this is by having a model doing something, this can be anything from someone welding something or just standing at the front of an office giving a presentation. People photos sell way better than most things.

Third: Shoot for your local market. Your local city and surroundings can make an excellent backdrop to your photo or concept. Local buildings, local streets etc It's not always the case that the most generic looking images will sell best and shooting generic content means you face much more competition.

Hope that helps a little. Good luck with your future uploads.
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