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iStock Civics Guide

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Posted Mon Mar 11, 2013 6:48PM
The iStockphoto Civics Guide


This is a guide to some of the many features and practices of daily life at iStockphoto.

Please take your time and read everything.

Participating in the various areas of the site requires that you are aware of our rules and requirements. Anyone whose actions do not meet the required standards may result in them losing their site privileges on a temporary or permanent basis.

1. Forums

The iStock forums are the lifeblood of our community. Please keep the discourse on topic, respectful and polite. Try to remember that there is an actual person at the other end of the wire. Treat them as if they were sitting across from you. Remember, you don't have to participate in every discussion, or respond to every thread.

Moderators monitor the forums, answering questions and addressing concerns. Please ask them for any required clarifications on forum behaviour and please bring any violations of the rules to their attention.

Please read the sticky posts at the top of each forum before posting or starting a new thread. New contributors may find a lot of very useful info here in the Contributor Guide and FAQ, which covers issues from odd royalty payments to model releases and how to use lightboxes to promote your work.

There are not many strict forum rules but we ask that you do not post:
  • Examples of other contributors' work in your posts.
  • Suspected cases of file misuse, follow the instructions in this thread.
  • Items for sale or wanted, likewise no posting of job offers or jobs wanted.
  • Links or references to other agencies.
  • Sales discussion threads - the monthly sales threads are the only ones allowed.
  • Images wider than 640 pixels.
  • Any adult content or sexually explicit imagery, including accepted iStock imagery.
  • Issues with purchased files - please contact Customer Support quoting the file number.
  • Rejections - these can only be discussed in the Critique Request forum.
  • On-going Customer Support or Contributor Relations issues.
  • Spam or self-promotional messages.
  • Hate speech or racial slurs.

The iStockphoto forums sometimes host discussions of emotive issues, and it should always be kept in mind that the forums are monitored to ensure responsible discussion. Sometimes this means that a post may be deleted (without notice) because it falls short of a guideline, creates legal exposure, or just fails to meet our standards for discourse.

It's important to remember that iStockphoto expects points and counter-points to be made intelligently and reserves the right to lock or delete threads it feels are going nowhere or may be damaging to the community. We also reserve the right to revoke posting privileges for members that flame or cause problems. Remember: there's a difference between spirited, passionate (even forceful) discussion and outright flaming.

While we moderate the forums as best we can, we cannot be held responsible for monitoring every thread, censoring every inappropriate comment or discussion. Unless specifically stated, forum content never represents an official position of iStockphoto, even when made by an employee or Administrator. We will always make it clear when a comment is to be taken as iStock gospel.

Please be aware that the forums are openly viewed by anyone, including non-members, and consider any comments you make as being public. Pay attention to the same rules around libel, slander, etc. as you would in any other public venue.

2. Forum search

We ask members to check previous postings before starting new threads. At the bottom of the forums you will find the forum search function. Whilst far from perfect, the forum search function can be very useful to see if an issue has been previously raised or if a question has already been answered.

3. Sitemail

The use of sitemail should be limited to iStockphoto business and friendly personal communication with other members. Sitemail is not meant for sending mass advertising, angry messages regarding negative comments on images, or stock photo business notices unrelated to iStockphoto. Please also think twice before mass mailing the people in your network and think three times before you hit Reply All to a mass mailed message.

If one of your forum posts is moved to a more appropriate forum, you will receive a notification via Sitemail, telling you where it has been moved to. If you notice that one of your posts or threads has vanished, you may also receive a Sitemail from a moderator, so it's a good idea to check your Sitemail regularly.

4. Scout - Rejected File Re-evaluation

Scout is a service that iStock offers which re-inspects files that have been rejected and provides an official second opinion. If you feel that your image was rejected in error or if you want to know more about the rejection you received, create a Scout ticket and make your case. You are limited to three Scout tickets a month, so use them wisely. If the rejection does get overturned, this will improve your acceptance rate, because the rejection will turn into an acceptance. This process may typically take a month or so.

When writing to Scout, please think before you fill out your ticket, as anger and hostility will not help your case. Please remember that Scout did not reject your file. They are they to help you. Abusive language in tickets will not be tolerated and may lead to loss of site privileges.

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