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Editorial Use Only Guide, Manual and FAQ

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Posted Tue Mar 12, 2013 11:40AM
iStock Editorial Guide

Hello, and welcome to the Editorial Forum.

This is the place where Editorial contributors can get together and talk shop.

iStock can be a little overwhelming for contributors so we have decided to put some helpful links all in one place. The list below covers all of the questions you may have have when starting out as an Editorial contributor. Please click the links in the directory below to go directly to the information you need.

If you require a critique of any files rejected for technical or artistic reasons, such as artefacting, lighting, noise or composition etc please post over in the Critique Request Forum. If you need help with any issues with captioning or any other point of policy regarding Editorial Use Only files, please post those issues in this forum.

Have fun!

- Editorial Administration Team

Quick Links

Editorial Use Only Manual and FAQ
This is the first thread anyone should read before submitting Editorial Use Only content. It contains all the links to the most recent manuals, policies and articles. Please read all the information posted.

Editorial Captions
An expanded look at what you should do and not do, when writing a caption.

Unreleased Copyrighted Material in Editorial
An explanation of what iStock can and cannot accept in terms of unreleased copyrighted material. Includes examples of artwork in public places, close ups of logos and other potential pitfalls.

Editorial Property Consent Form (Zip File).
Above is a link to a Word document in a zip file. We provide this form so that you can download and print it. The form includes the relevant information that proves you obtained consent to shoot on private property. You can use a different document from this exact form, as long as it provides the same information. You can read more about shooting editorial use only content on private property in the training manual HERE.

Editorial Use Only contributor training manual

The rules and standards for files uploaded to the regular iStockphoto creative collections and Editorial Use Only collection differ quite substantially, so please read through the manual very carefully before submitting any image to the Editorial Use Only collection.

Updated editorial contributor training manual

As well as the training manual, the following links also contain very useful information:

Creative Editing for Editorial

Captions help & examples

Product shots and other guidelines

Unreleased Copyrighted Material

If you have any specific questions about the Editorial Use Only collection, please start a new thread.

Editorial Use Only collection FAQ:

What types of file can I upload to the Editorial Use Only collection?
Currently iStock does not accept video or vector files to the Editorial Use Only collection. Only photos may be submitted to it. We will let you know if this changes.

What about the pricing and the royalty rate?
You earn the same royalty for Editorial Use Only images as you do for any other photographs you upload. Editorial images can also be added to the Photo+ and Exclusive+ collections too, earning the same amount as creative files do in those collections.

Do contributors earn redeemed credits for Editorial Use Only image sales?

Will images that were deactivated for copyright reasons be reactivated?
No, we will not be reactivating images. However these images may be re-uploaded provided they meet the editorial standards: unaltered with full trade dress and branding present, appropriate captions, etc.

Can we upload the same images with logos etc removed for the regular collection, and then unaltered for Editorial?
No. You must choose between the two and upload only once.

Where are iStock editorial use only image sold?
Right now, editorial only images are only sold on the site. They are not mirrored to Getty Images or any other Getty Images partner sites.

Will there be different technical standards for these images?
In general, the same standards about minimum image size, noise, chromatic aberration, sensor spots, and all that other stuff will still apply.

When you say that EXIF must be unaltered, does this mean we can't upload film?
You can upload film.

What editorial shots can or cannot be staged?
We ask that 'social, travel and urban living' type images be natural and un-staged. For product shots, you are free to stage and set up the shot as you see fit. Basically, if the subject of your image is some thing or event that you're documenting in the real world, do not stage or intrude. If your subject is a product, you may arrange it in your studio or have a model interact with it.

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Posted Tue Mar 12, 2013 11:41AM
Further guidelines:

Product shots:

iStock's Editorial Use Only offering includes many different subjects, please see the training manual for full details. One category worth highlighting though is that of product shots. iStock does accept product shots that are isolated on a white (or other plain) background but we do NOT accept composited product shots, you have to get it right in camera.

For example, if you are shooting the latest piece of phone tech gadgetry, you need to shoot it in one shot. You can’t add the screen in after using Photoshop, and can't change logos, add fake reflections, clone, paint or darken down areas on a pixel by pixel basis etc.

You can do none of the things you might do with a creative product shot or an advertising shoot. It can all be done in 1 shot. Yes, it is harder. The only thing we do allow is a 'mild isolation boost' for products isolated on white/black. This should be natural and done with care, no harsh cut outs or brush strokes please.

Anyone who breaks the rules will get one chance to clean up their portfolio. If it's not cleaned up or if caught a second time, we'll be happy to hand out a ban over this.

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